Vintage Buttercream Heart Cakes | Valentine’s Edition

Our vintage buttercream heart cakes! Lovingly created from our east sussex studio just outside Tunbridge Wells, vintage piped buttercream cakes have a special Valentine’s make over! This gorgeous piped buttercream heart cake in a red and pink colour way, dressed with little vintage pink bows comes with either a special ‘Be Mine’ message or love hearts detail. Inside is a delicious chocolate chip layer cake with a raspberry buttercream and raspberry compote filling. Created to celebrate this special day with loved ones, partner, family or friends – Valentines is for everyone wanting to share some love.

Our really chocolatey all butter ‘LOVE’ heart cookies individually wrapped with a vintage striped ribbon bow makes the perfect gift. Cookies are on the large size of over 4″ across and the Valentine’s vintage heart cake is in our 6″ version.

Love Heart Iced Cookies

Love Hearts Vintage Buttercream Cake 




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